Did you know – XpressDox software has over 300 Commands and Functions!

XpressDox Desktop is an add-in to Microsoft® Office Word 2007 or newer. Templates and data are stored using Word XML to ensure compatibility with other systems. Completed documents may be generated in Word, PDF, and other formats.

Versions of XpressDox Desktop include Author for designing and running templates, Runner for running template only, and Supervisor, which is used by large enterprises for configuring user access rights, data-sources, and file name and save locations for completed documents.

When a template is run, an interview is generated automatically. XpressDox allows template authors to make interviews as easy as possible for users to complete, with features like user help, captions, tabs, headings and footings, validation rules, and conditional display.

XpressDox Author includes native data source compatibility, including SQL Server, ODBC–compliant databases, MySQL, Microsoft Office data sources such as Access, Excel, and Outlook, XML, text files and applications such as Salesforce.

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