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This API would be used specifically where you need to develop a custom user interface to capture data and select templates, but where you would still like to have access to the features made available by the Word Add–in. Use of this API requires Word to be installed not only for rendering the merged documents, […]

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Access document automation functionality directly from your .NET, COM, Web, and MS Word applications to produce powerful document–rich solutions. XpressDox Server RESTful API The XpressDox RESTful API exposes the full power of XpressDox document automation functionality to your apps. With this API, you will be able to authenticate your app with your XpressDox Server (own […]

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Interview Integration – JavaScript and iFrame

Over and above the API (Server to Server Communication), XpressDox also offers Interivew Integration. (3rd Party Server to Browser to XpressDox Server Communication). Integration Information The XpressDox Server provides code snippets to make integration of interviews really easy for you. To access these snippets: Sign in to your XpressDox Cloud or Server account Click to […]

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