This API would be used specifically where you need to develop a custom user interface to capture data and select templates, but where you would still like to have access to the features made available by the Word Add–in.

Use of this API requires Word to be installed not only for rendering the merged documents, but for some of the other pre– and post–merging functions as well.

The API and documentation are installed along with the installation of the XpressDox Word Add–in. The documentation is provided in the Word document XpressDox In Word API Specification.doc which will have been installed into the My DocumentsXpressDox folder the first time Word is loaded after XpressDox has been installed.

The specification document refers to a Word template in the My DocumentsXpressDoxSamples folder. This Word template contains some Word VBA macros which demonstrate the usage of some of the XpressDox–in–Word API functions as called from within a VBA macro.